• Galilee

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  • Gentile

    According to Judaism, a person who is not a Jew.
  • Gentile Christians

    In New Testament times, a  Christian who was not a Jew before becoming Christian. In the Acts of the Apostles we read how the infant Church was led to understand that the step of becoming a Jew before becoming a Christian was not necessary. 

  • Good News

    See Gospel.
  • Gospel

    From the Old English (god spel) translation of the Greek ‘eu angelion’ meaning good news. In a very real sense Jesus Christ himself is the Good News.   It is also what we know about both Jesus himself as the crucified and risen Lord and about Jesus’ teaching of the KIngdom of God coming into the world. All of Jesus’ followers, from the time of the apostles have been called to announce the gospel.   The word is also applied specifically to the four different accounts of Jesus’s mission, death and resurrection placed at the start of the New Testament. They are attributed to authors called Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.