• Redaction criticism

    Analysis of the way Gospel authors edited their material to amplify their theological purpose and meaning.
  • Repentance

    A conversion of the heart away from sin and towards God. From a Latin word for “to feel deep sorrow”.

  • Resurrection

    God the Father’s raising of the dead Jesus to a new and glorious life. Resurrection is not the same as resuscitation where the earlier form of life is restored in a person. Christians believe Jesus’ resurrected body is still the same body he had before his death, it still has his wounds on it, but now it is no longer bound by space and time. 

  • Revelation

    Jews, Christians and Muslims all believe we would have no knowledge of the same one true God in whom all three faith communities believe, unless God had chosen to lovingly reveal Godself to us. Catholics believe that God reveals what God is like through the Church’s prayerfully pondering the Scriptures and other things passed on (Tradition) from the early years of the Church’s life and then agreeing on an understanding based on these ponderings. This agreed understanding is conveyed by the Church’s Bishops in union with the Bishop of Rome, the Pope.